A birth plan can mean a better birth experience.  Giving birth is one of life’s most exciting events.  Having a game-plan for baby’s arrival can help make your experience more positive.  This game-plan is what’s called your ‘birth plan’.

You can never be completely in control of your labour and delivery (childbirth is generally a pretty out-of-control thing), but it’s still good to feel prepared. Having a birth plan ensures that you and your partner are on the same page as your doctors and nurses when it comes to things like pain management, people allowed in the delivery room, episiotomies and cord-cutting.

How it works: Document your wishes, talk them over with your doctor, make sure they fit within the hospital policies.  If there are some things on the plan that the doctor doesn’t quite agree with you’re better off just taking them out of your plan before giving birth.  Make sure your doctor and the hospital have a copy of your plan on the big day.

If you are too tired, excited or overwhelmed to even think about all the questions you should ask for your birth plan don’t worry Earth Mama’s free birth plan questionnaire will get you through the process quite seamlessly.


Remember that no one knows how your labour will unfold so we encourage you to give yourself the flexibility to change your mind.