You’ll be surprised at how many things you need to take with you to the hospital. Our handy checklist for your hospital bag will ensure you arrive prepared for everything and anything, with a few pampering extras too…

Hospital Bag for Mom: Labour and Delivery

  • Medical notes and birth plan (if you have one)
  • Bathrobe for walking around during labour if it’s a long one
  • Socks for cold feet
  • Hard candy during labour you usually aren’t allowed to eat anything but sometimes they allow hard candy and ice
  • Slippers that are comfortable for that labour walk
  • Lip balm for those poor lips that dry out
  • Body lotion or massage oil, some find a little massage during labour relaxing
  • Water spray if you start to feel hot
  • Hair clips or elastic to keep annoying wisps of hair from landing on your face
  • Eye mask and earplugs for that bright and busy maternity ward when you need some rest
  • Relaxing entertainment to help you pass the time like a book, tablet with movies downloaded, or music

Hospital Bag for Mom: After Delivery

  • Nursing top and or nursing gown if you plan to breastfeed
  • Underwear that is large enough to wear with heavy-duty maternity pads
  • Heavy duty maternity pads, it’s normal to bleed a lot after birth
  • Bras that are comfortable and well-fitting
  • Nursing pads
  • Nursing pillow to make feeding time a little easier
  • Extra long phone charger
  • Toiletries like tissues, hairbrush, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and hairdryer
  • Pack a plastic bag to pop dirty clothes in
  • Make-up for those pics of baby and you
  • Moisturizer as your skin may feel drier than usual
  • Comfy clothes that are loose-fitting to wear during your stay and your trip home
  • Snacks and drinks. Labour can sometimes be very long, so consider packing light snacks and drinks for afterwards
  • Perineal mist (bottom spray) for postpartum haemorrhoids, episiotomies and swollen or bruised perineal tissues
  • Nursing balm that will safely hydrate dry, cracked, sore skin for better breastfeeding

Hospital Bag Essentials for the Birth Partner

  • Snacks and drinks. Labour can be thirsty work, even for supportive partners
  • Change for vending machines and parking
  • Phone and/or camera plus chargers and batteries
  • A small pillow and blanket to get a bit of rest during downtime
  • Entertainment like book, table and music
  • Clothes because labour is unpredictable, you never know how long the stay will be
  • List of people to contact with your baby news
  • Car seat to bring home your new bundle of joy

Hospital Bag for Your Baby

  • 3-6 one-piece PJs (newborn/0-3 months)
  • Soft baby hat in newborn size
  • Pair of baby socks in newborn size
  • Pair of scratch mitts
  • Swaddle blanket
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Soother in case your baby wants one
  • Bibs
  • Soft baby towel
  • Coming home outfit

Have Ready at Home

It’s important to have these things ready to go when you get home from the hospital as it is to have your hospital bag on the ready.

  • Heavy duty extra absorbent pads – you will bleed for quite a while still
  • Ice packs to soothe those parts that just worked so hard
  • Basket of nursing stuff – nipple balm, breast pads, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, snacks for you for late night feedings
  • Stool softener, trust us you’ll need this
  • The Belly Bandit Wrap that helps support your belly, waist and hips post-pregnancy
  • Diffuser and oils to have around for emotional wellness
  • A peri bottle in every bathroom in the house.  If you don’t know what a peri bottle is it’s what you will use to clean your down there parts every time you use the washroom for a few weeks after you deliver.